The Cigar Box Guitar ( or CBG), which dates as far back as 1840’s, originally derived from a place of poverty. Where the love of music was so strong that individuals who could not afford name brand guitars, built their own instruments out of common household items. 

We believe that music has the power to heal. The snake, or "Culebra", symbolizes rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. We at Culebra Guitars, seek to shed the skin of old traditions, bring new life, and allow the transformation of this historic and beautiful instrument into a professional grade, inspiring tool with classic features, and reliability for the musician at any level.

With it's eye catching appeal, unique tones, and ease of playability, we believe the cigar box guitar is designed for ALL AGES and that everybody should own a Culebra Guitar.



Sarven has been a full time, nationally touring musician for over 10 years, and entered the cigar box guitar world in 2012 after being gifted a CBG.  Musically rooted in blues and rock music, Sarven quickly developed his own voice on the cigar box guitar and discovered the versatility in the instrument and has applied it in many genres. In 2015, Sarven began building his own CBG's and other cigar box instruments. With a natural sense of mechanics, engineering, and of course, his way around the guitar, Sarven found himself passionate about building, and now dedicates himself to providing the BEST CIGAR BOX GUITARS in the world.